About One Pissed Off Princess

Hi, I’m Gwynn. As you can see from my pic, I am far from being a real princess. I am not very regal, nor am I very girly. The name “Princess” came to me by way of a conversation I overheard once where a man had made a comment towards a woman who was speaking her mind, which obviously wasn’t something this particular guy thought women should do. He told her, “Calm down, Princess”, which you know only tends to get a lady going even more. He said it with that kind of degrading tone that let her know she was no longer in her correct place. That maybe she should just shrink back into the shadows, take her seat, and STFU. I just shook my head and continued onto my destination. I didn’t think much of the interaction between the two til much later. I always wondered had I stuck around to see the outcome, if it would have ended with her on top of him, straddling his body with her legs as she throttled his neck with her bare hands. I like to think that’s the way it happened, anyways.